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Our Process

No machine can truly replace the care and precision of the handmade.

Our extended family of artisans in India draws on expertise cultivated over many generations, a beautiful heritage of craftsmanship that weaves its way into each rug. We are honoured to play a small role in keeping these ancient skills alive, whilst bringing you a truly unique, soulful product whose subtle variations speak of authenticity.

In this busy modern age, objects that are crafted by the human hand not only soothe the senses, they act as visual reminders to be more mindful about what we bring into our homes. A hand-woven rug is ever-present, there to ground and nurture us, compelling us to connect with the people and spaces that surround us.

Objects made slowly by hand still have a place in today’s world – telling rich stories, sparking conversations and inspiring new memories for years to come.


Hand dyeing and sun drying add abundant texture and vibrancy to our yarn. Recipes are finessed by expert dye-masters through years of experience. For small batches, their tools are a fire, a stirring rod and a saucepan as the dye bath. Large batches use a hand-turned pole studded with hoops, off which the skeins are hung, dipping in and out of the cauldron of dye in a mesmerising rhythm.


Our fibers are spun using a variety of methods depending on the rug’s design requirements. In the last stages of yarn preparation, traditional hand-powered winders are often used to deftly guide armfuls of wool onto spindles, while our jute is wound by hand lengthways around a long and slender wooden bobbin, both destined for the loom.


Our artisans work in an environment of joy, honor and respect, values which find their way into the very essence of each rug. Our weavers often work side by side on one loom or take turns to craft our flat-weave, hand-knotted and braided rugs. Every single weave and knot is done with intention, a special level of care that you won’t find in mass-produced goods.


Gentle washing allows our rugs to shrink just enough to tighten up the weave and increase its durability. Our artisans use wooden paddles to push the soapy water over both sides of the rug before rinsing them in the same way. Each rug is stitched to a frame and dried in sunshine to help retain their shape and enhance the fiber’s appearance.


Hand finishing ensures each rug is as beautiful and well-made as it can be. Every edge and surface is given attention by our artisans, who skilfully scissor and stitch errant threads and the turnover at each end. This final pursuit of perfection delivers a rug that is almost flawless, yet rich with the personal touch and creative spirit of the hands that guided them.

Our rugs lie lightly
on this earth.

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